Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) manages the creation and modification of digital content. It typically supports multiple users in a collaborative environment.


KCC's newley redesigned websites use CloudCannon for editing most content. This is a cloud-based CMS meaning, all you need is an internet browser with internet and login credentials--no software downloads or installs needed.

warning Internet Browser for CloudCannon

We strongly recomend using the Google Chrome web-browser.

See Navigating the CloudCannon Interface to get familiar with CloudCannon's user interface.

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Google Sheets

For content that is updated frequently, some sites use a Google Sheet to manage certain areas of content or data. If your site has any content managed by a Google Sheet, you would have been granted access by KCC Webservices.

How It Works

Why use a spreadsheet to manage web-content? Sites like have frequently updating information, such as game results and statistics. Using a Google Sheet provides content authors with a fast and familiar means of data-entry that can be accessed from a web-browser. Every edit made to the sheet is versioned, meaning the spreadsheet can be restored to any version since its creation. Lastly, the web page that displays the sheet's data grabs the newest version when the page is loaded or refreshed. This effectively allows us to update the (frequently changing) content instantaneously--no worrying about users seeing a cached and outdated version of your data.

Benefits of using a Google Sheet:

  • Familiar spreadsheet editing interface
  • Automatic saving and versioning
  • Immediate updates

See Accessing Sheets for tips and information about getting to your spreadsheet.

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